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Noni has long been one of the remedies used by physicians to support the treatment of abdominal pain, wounds, asthma, etc. Over time, The scientist explored and discovered the miraculous effects found in noni. This is the basis for people to believe in using noni as a “magic remedy.” So let’s take a look at the effects of noni as well as how to use noni wine to achieve high efficiency.

noni wine

Fresh noni

Effect of noni wine on health

Noni fruit selection technique: choose green fruit, not damaged, harvested in the best season. Along with the standard formula, Viet Nam noni wine is confident that products meet the standards of the Ministry of Health, ensuring adequate nutrients, support treatment of diseases.

Commit to keep the nutrients in the noni fruit. This means that the process of producing and processing Viet Nam noni wine do not lose the original nutrients. Let’s take a look at the benefits of using noni wine daily through the following analysis.

Support for the immune system: Noni fruit is capable of producing T-cells that play an important role in fighting off strange cells or allergies to the human body, even cancer cells. This production helps the cells in the body increase activity, make other cells stronger, the strange cells are destroyed gradually.

Eliminate toxins: The regular use of noni alcohols enhances the absorption, digestibility and maximum utilization of the vitamins, herbs and minerals found in foods. High antioxidant capacity helps prevent the damage of free radicals.

Anti inflammatory, swollen joints: Benefit of noni wine is also shown in the reduction of musculoskeletal and joint diseases such as arthritis, wrist joint pain syndrome, pain relief and wound healing with symptoms such as bruising and burns. It is very effective in supporting ulcers and preventing rashes.

Asthma: Using noni fruit to soak in alcohol or boiling water to help reduce asthma symptoms, avoid allergic factor to people with asthma (such as dust, smoke, pollen …)

Analgesic effect: Noni fruit is good for relieving pain in the body such as back pain, neck pain, muscle pain, nervous pain and tension pain, prolonged migraine. It is possible to use noni as an analgesic without any side effects.

Digestive improvement: The sour taste in noni fruit will increase the contraction of smooth muscle in the intestines, helping to push stools out regularly if used daily.

Migraine: Fruit juice has a very effective migraine. Helps you sleep deeper and no longer has trouble sleeping overnight.

The secret of choosing materials to make Viet Nam noni wine

If you want a good jar of noni wine, first have to learn about how to choose noni and wine as these are important ingredients, which will directly determine the quality of the wine.

How to choose noni fruit: Many people choose ripen fruits to make noni wine. This is not true and significantly reduces the amount of nutrients present in noni wine. Young fruit should be picked for immersion because the young fruit contains more resin than the ripen fruits and the seed of young fruits when soaked in alcohol is more easily absorbed. For dried noni fruits, we should choose the fruit with the characteristic aroma of noni fruit, feeling a bit of sweetness when tasting on the tongue.

noni wine

How to choose the jar: The glass jar is the best. Depending on the size and quantity of noni fruits used for soaking, we can choose different types of jar in different capacities.

noni wine


Choose the alcohol: You should choose wine with a concentration of over 40 degrees.

Now, we have completed the material selection stage. Let’s move on.

How to make noni wine

Currently there are two ways to make noni wine: use dried or fresh noni fruit. Or you can also make noni soaked in sugar. Do not be confused choose a better way, because if you do it properly, their effect is the same for health.

  • Use dried noni fruit

It is advisable for you to use this method, as it can be used only after a short time, which will extract the essence of noni fruit into wine. Choose to soak green and young fruit.

Step 1: Rinse the noni juice twice with clean water and drain.

Step 2: Split the noni fruit into four or two parts vertically and dry them. In the first 3 days, you should expose them directly in the sun. 2 days later, sun-dried noni in the shade. Be careful not to lose seeds while drying.

Step 3: After drying for 5 days, roasted dried noni fruit on fire for 10-15 minutes then let cool.

Step 4. Add noni fruits to the jar, pour in 1kg of noni fruit with 5-6 liters of alcohol. Soaking for more than 30 days, you can use.

Noni wine is really a “magic remedy”, you will be satisfied about both incense and taste. You will be surprised to try a sip of wine as the original taste of them will convince you.

  • How to make noni wine with fresh fruit

This method will take longer than using noni fruit. According to many people used before, this method is not as good as using noni fruit. You can refer and consider before soaking.

noni wine

Step 1: Rinse the noni fruit with water 2 times.

Step 2: Split the noni fruit into 2 parts vertically, so that alcohol can be absorbed into the seeds.

Step 3: Put the noni fruit into the jar, every 1kg of noni fruit soaked with 3 liters of alcohol. After soaking for more than 50 days, you can use.

How to preserve Noni wine

After processing fresh noni wine and dried noni wine, let’s learn how to preserve as well as how to use noni wine effectively. Enjoy a jar of wine with the true meaning about “quality” and “quantity”.

Conditions for preserving noni wine:

  • Avoid direct sunlight.
  • Dry and cool.
  • The temperature is less than 25 degrees centigrade.

How to use noni wine for high efficiency

You should drink 2 times a day, one small meal at a time. Use regularly for 2 months. Remember not to overdose 100ml will have a bad effect.

What make Viet Nam become a prestigious place to buy noni wine

Adopt the right technique into cultivation, closely monitor each product. Use the correct formula approved by the Ministry of Health. Give customers the best products is always the commitment of Viet Nam. Each Viet Nam product is strictly managed in a closed process. You can be assured of quality service. Viet Nam products are also very popular with foreign guests. They are satisfied with Viet Nam noni fruit even in the country where they grow this fruit. This affirms the brand Viet Nam to the international community.

STARFOODS VIETNAM IMPORT EXPORT TRADING JOINT STOCK COMPANY is proud of being one of the few fresh noni fruit suppliers in Hanoi and Northern provinces with distribution system throughout the country.

What makes you believe in Viet Nam products?

About the company: Starfoods Exim, Jsc specializes in trading dried fruits for the domestic market, exporting at very competing price in the international market. Our company is carrying out the project of planting more than 1000 hectares of forest to meet the requirements of producing Noni juice, Noni fruit, Noni tea, functional food … Of domestic as well as foreign companies.

Image: Starfoods Exim, Jsc – the largest supplier of Noni in the North

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