Noni syrup – a delicious and extremely good for health syrup

Noni syrup – a delicious and extremely good for health syrup

Noni syrup is not just a kind of syrup in the hot summer days. Noni fruit itself is a drug, so when soaked in sugar, it also have great effects in the treatment of diseases similar to the Noni fresh. Let’s take a look at the effects of Noni soaked in sugar and learn how to process it.

Use of noni syrup

Noni syrup

Noni syrup is simple and easy to do but extremely high efficiency.

Noni soaked in sugar has the same wonderful effects as Noni fruit. The use of Noni soaked in sugar is derived from traditional medicine as well as based on scientific research. According to modern medicine as well as traditional medicine experts, Noni soaked in sugar has the following benefits:

Treating back pain, arthralgia: Noni has a beneficial effect on the treatment of osteoarthritis, so Noni syrup helps to relieve the symptoms of osteoarthritis such as back pain, knee fatigue quickly.

Treatment of high blood pressure, hypotension: These two diseases are chronic, prolonged and difficult to treat. Patients should have long-term treatment. Using syrup daily will help to increase or decrease blood pressure effectively.

Very good for diabetics (diabetics need to have some note to use): Although Noni soaked in sugar is very good but patients with diabetes should be limited in using because of the pretty high sugar content, not good for patient’s health.

Reduce stress: Noni syrup helps the body relax and reduce nerve inhibitions.

Gastrointestinal Disorders: Siro Noni is mildly sour, helping the intestines contract more and better, the stool is pushed out. It is because of things, the phenomenon of constipation is treated quickly.

Beauty purpose: Noni can help your skin look better, lose weight, make shiny hair, use Noni soaked in sugar after a certain time you will have a beautiful skin and body.

Menstrual conditioning: If every month you have abdominal pain or menstrual irregularities, drinking Noni syrup will help everything back to normal.

How to make Noni syrup

Material preparation

To get any good product, the preparation process is very important. Choosing high quality Noni fruit will give us good products. You need to prepare:

  • Noni: Choose 1kg of ripen Noni fruit. If Noni fruit is not ripe, you can keep 1 to 2 days outside to soften.
  • Alum sugar: Choose 400g and then grind it, you can also choose other sugars.
  • Ginger: 1 bulb. When ginger is added to the mixture, they will give a much richer taste. Not only that, if you just soak Noni with sugar then the mixture will usually have something floating on the surface, adding ginger will help to limit this.
  • Glass jar.
Noni syrup

The fruit used to be soaked in sugar must be ripen and nutritious.


To process Noni syrup, you simply follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Rinse off Noni and ginger. During washing, be careful to avoid damage to the Noni fruit.
  • Step 2: Slice horizontally, about half a centimeter thick. Ginger is thin sliced.
  • Step 3: Place the Noni and sugar in the jar, turn a layer of fruit and a layer of sugar until the ingredients run out. Ginger is scattered throughout the tank.
  • Step 4: Cover the lid after about a month and then you can use.

For other types of syrups, you just need to wait until the melting layer is usable, but for noni fruit, it is a bit different. After you see the sugar has dissolved, you crush the Noni and then filter them through a net. Keep the mixture in the fridge to use. If it is outside, it should be checked regularly because it is susceptible to be mold.

How to preserve the Noni syrup?

The way to preserve the fruit soaked in sugar is extremely simple and convenient. You just need to keep in mind the following points so that Noni bottles will stay longer and quality will be better.

  • Avoid direct sunlight
  • Do not place in damp places, choose cool dry place, avoid the penetration of harmful bacteria.
  • The most suitable temperature for a bottle of Noni syrup is less than 25 degrees centigrade.

How to use Noni syrup.

Although Noni soaked in sugar is good for health but if used too much it will not be good. In fact, anything too much use is not good either. In addition, the Noni fruit has a non-small sugar content, too much of it can sometimes make people with diabetes or gain weight.

You should drink Noni syrup 2 times a day, a small cup for once. If you like you can add ice and drink it as a beverage. Siro Noni smell very special, many people do not like this smell very much but if you processing with a few slices of ginger, the taste will be very good, very tasty and easy to drink.

Noni syrup

Using two noni syrup a day, you will see amazing effects.

Where to buy Noni fruit

If you do not have time or are not skillfull enough to make a Noni syrup jar for summer to cool off and improve your health, you can buy a bottle for use at all times.

Currently there are many different addresses that sell this item, however not all addresses are reputable and “worth the money”. What is a high quality noni syrup?

First, we have to talk about the quality of raw materials. If the Noni fruit is ripen well not be crushed, they will certainly give the high quality products.

Noni syrup

Viet Nam Noni syrup

Production process ensures hygiene and food safety, closed process, the steps are meticulously, certified hygiene and safety of management levels.

Jars are made of high quality plastic or glass, it is absolutely do not affect the quality of products.

Currently, many customers choose Viet Nam as a reputable address to buy products from Noni fruit. Not only Noni soaked in sugar, all products made from Noni here have clear origin. Noni fruits are picked from the company’s farm and then transported to the North. The closed process will ensure absolute hygiene and food safety. Viet Nam is worthy of reliable addresses for consumers to choose the best quality, safest products.

This product not only meets the needs of domestic consumers. Many Korean customers have been using this product. The selling price of sugar soaked is now 200,000 VND / liter. This price is considered quite reasonable and suitable for many customers.

Noni soaked in sugar is the topic discussed in various forums about its benefits. An extremely good prescription for health like this is couldn’t be missed. Are you a smart consumer? Are you taking care of your health? Do you know how to make Noni syrup ?



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