Noni Soap – Skin care tip from natural herbs

The creamy noni soap is cooked from Noni fruit, a precious fruit that has many medical uses. Soap softens the skin, prevents invasive bacteria.

Noni soap – smart skin care tip for women

Today, besides paying attention to how to make up for a fresh look, daily skin care is something that women are particularly interested in.

But how to skin care, skin care products materials, where the goods from are the questions that always causing headaches for women. You always have to be careful when buying skin care products.

  • Does the product have a trademark?
  • Where does the product come from?
  • Does the use cause skin irritation in the long run?
  • Price of the product? Use the famous brand  always make you “clean pocket” when spending a lot of money.
  • Is the effect as good as what the product advertises?

So how to stop the above concerns? The answers for women will be revealed soon.

Noni Soap – Natural skin care product

There are countless skin care products with a variety of ingredients, prices and origins. As a smart consumer, sometimes you will want to buy yourself skin care and anti-aging products that have nature origin with the advantage of convenient to use, not irritant when used in the long run, high efficiency in a short time.

Noni Soap

Viet Nam Noni Soap

Recent cosmetic trends are using natural products. It is environmentally friendly and safe for the skin.

The skin care and anti-aging cosmetics on the market are not cheap for good quality. Even the popular product line also makes us hesitate when deciding to buy the product. So how to choose products???

Skin care secret from Noni Soap

The first time you hear about skin care with soap, specifically the product is made from Noni fruit. You know how to use Noni fruit to regulate female sexual dysfunction, release toxins, vitamin supplements and many other health benefits. However, you have never heard that they are effective in skin care.

noni soap

Viet Nam Noni Soap Brand

Noni soap is a Vietnamese product, deserves to be trusted by Vietnamese women. With ingredients from Noni fruit – a material that appears in many traditional remedies, the treatment of diseases for Vietnamese women – today is made into a more convenient product, suitable for women skin. This is a smart, economical alternative and offers many health benefits, not just skin.

The following information will make you more surprised about the use of Noni fruit and introduce the way to use Noni soap for skin care.

How does Noni Soap effect skin?

First of all, we need to know the causes of aging skin, make the skin becomes dry and lack of moisture, many bruises, freckles.

The causes of aging skin is divided into two types:

– Real aging skin: The aging process over time of the entire skin, even the covered areas

– Exogenous aging skin: Mostly due to the effects of sunlight. Only skin which exposed to the sun and radiation … aging. This is a process that can be avoided. Smoke, cigarette, alcohol, stress are factors for exogenous skin aging.

So why noni soaps can combat skin aging?

Noni Viet Nam soap products are produced 100% from carefully selected Noni fruit. Using the international standard filter technology to create quality products with the essence suitable for Asian women’s skin.

noni soap

Noni soap produced directly from Noni fruit, the product works as pure Noni juice.


  • Noni fruit has a very strong antioxidant. This helps to prevent the damage of free radicals, which helps keep the skin healthy and healthy.
  • In addition, the fruit has the ability to remove toxins, eliminate the darkening substances outside the body.
  • Iridoids in the fruit increases the resistance, helps the body against pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, …
  • Noni fruit contains many essential vitamins for skin like A, E, … and minerals to keep the skin moisturized

Benefits of Noni soap

Take a look at the benefits that Noni soap brings to your skin. Produced directly from Noni fruit, the product works as pure Noni juice.

  • The main benefit is anti-aging skin, rejuvenating the skin, preventing black pigmentation
  • Remove dead cells on the face, body
  • Moisturizes the skin and brightens the skin, absorbing nutrients.
  • Soften skin and soften joints. Anti inflammation, swelling of joints when overactive.
  • Sun protection, replacement of conventional sunscreen.
  • Helps to treat acne and pigmented skin, cleanses the skin, and helps with skin infections.
  • Natural skin whitening.
  • It has a good cleansing effect.
  • In addition, it is effective in promoting healthy skin, high antibacterial, anti-virus.
  • Noni Soap has a natural deodorant effect on the bodyNoni soap has a whitening effect in the bikini area, breast, armpit area 
  • In particular, antibacterial and supportive treatment of some fungal diseases such as eczema, vaginal candidiasis

Noni Soap is a medium line of cosmetics made from Vietnamese ingredients, does not cause irritation. Bring comfort to customers with quality products is what Viet Nam towards. You can use Viet Nam Noni soap instead of regular bath products. It cleanses the skin, protects the skin from aging and prevents harmful bacteria.

How to use Viet Nam Noni soap


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Remember to wash your hands thoroughly with Noni soap before washing your face, shower or skin.

  1. You first wet your face or whole body with water.
  2. Then apply and rub Noni soap gently on the skin throughout the body.
  3. Finally, use hand or bathing tools such as bath sponges, pumice stones, soft brushes, etc. Gently massage the skin and rinse with water.

How to preserve Noni soap

Proper preservation of Noni soaps will not lose the nutrients in the fruit. Unlike other soap products that only have a cleansing effect, Noni soaps should be stored as follows:

  • Keep Noni soap in a dry and cool place.
  • Avoid direct sunlight or damp places.

It is easy, right?

Where to buy Noni soap?

Viet Nam Noni soap is produced in a closed process. Certified by experts and authorities to meet international standards. In particular, customers in countries around the world especially Korea is very fond of quality as well as product design. Domestic and international customers also expressed their interest, satisfaction and peace of mind about product quality. Although it is new to the market but is considered to become a trend in the future. With convenient products like this, it is suitable to bring away, become a meaningful health gift for relatives.

Using the Viet Nam products, customers will be given the most satisfaction in terms of product quality as well as provide the best service. With many years of researching, producing and delivering products to the consumers, we are confident to meet the expectations of our customers.

What makes you believe in Viet Nam products?

About the company: Starfoods Vietnam Joint Stock Company, specializing in trading dried Noni for domestic market, exporting at very good and competitive price in international market.Our company is carrying out a project to grow more than 1000 ha of Noni forest to meet the requirement of producing juice, Noni powder, Noni tea, functional food … Of domestic as well as foreign companies.

Image: Starfoods Joint Stock Company – the largest Northern supplier

Products of Starfoods Vietnam Import-Export Trading Joint Stock Company

Representative Office: 113/192 Le Trong Tan – Thanh Xuan – Ha Noi

Phone: 046 259 8836 – Email:

Hotline: 0986 87 0369 – 0936 18 6369

Starfoods Vietnam Trading Import Export Joint Stock Company

The Largest Northern Supplier of:

  • Dried Noni fruit
  • The dried Noni root
  • The Noni juice: The Pure Noni juice, The Honey Noni juice products, The berry Noni juice, The pineapple Noni juice
  • The pure Noni pill
  • The pure Noni powder
  • The Noni soap

With prestigious brand name, high quality products are qualified to export to countries with the strictest standards in the world. Nationwide home delivery and payment via VNPost.



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