Fresh Noni fruit soaked wine, soaked sugar, just taste good

Fresh Noni Fruit – The best fresh Noni fruit from the garden transferred to the North.

Benefits of fresh Noni fruit

Both dried or fresh Noni fruit are precious medicine, suitable for many diseases. Basically, both types are not different in use and nutrients in the product. You can support the treatment of high blood pressure, laxative, haemorrhage, aches and pains, back pain, and relief of the symptoms of diabetes. Effective in repelling boils. Use fresh fruit to make Noni wine or dried fruit to cook drinking water (30g to 40g), replacing tea for several months will reduce high blood pressure. If soaked in wine, drink a few small glasses every day, after a few months, aches and pains will be reduced.

noni fruit

The effects of noni fruit really surprised many people

  • Help strengthen the immune system: Noni juice is capable of producing T cells that play an important role in fighting off strange cells or strange allergies to the body, even cancer cells. This production helps the cells in the body increase activity, destroying strange cells gradually.
  • Detoxification: The regular use of Noni fruit enhances the absorption, digestion and maximum utilization of the vitamins, herbs and minerals found in foods. High antioxidant capacity helps prevent the damage of free radicals.
  • Anti inflammatory, swollen joints: Noni also helps treat musculoskeletal and joint diseases such as arthritis, wrist joint pain, pain relief, and wound healing with symptoms such as bruising, tingling, and burns. It also helps to heal ulcers and prevent rashes.


noni fruit

Both dried or fresh Noni fruit are precious medicine, suitable for many diseases

  • Treatment of asthma: Use Noni fruit to soak or boil drinking water daily, help reduce asthma attacks, avoid allergens or allergens (dust, smoke, pollenAnalgesic effects: Noni fruit has miraculous effect on reducing pain in the body such as back pain, neck pain, muscle pain, nerve pain and tension pain, prolonged migraine. Noni juice can be used as an analgesic without any side effects.)
  • Efficacy in losing weight: Regular use Noni juice will make you lose your appetite and help you lose weight effectively.
  • Improve digestive system: The sour taste in Noni juice helps to increase the contraction of smooth muscle in the intestines, help push stools out regularly. When you are constipated, instead of taking laxatives, you can take 2 tablespoons of Noni juice that is good for digestion.
  • For warts: smoothen Noni fruit and cover the warts, then tighten the seal, helping to repel the roots of this warty. Use daily and on day 7 the warts will be bulged and you can get rid of the warts.
  • Migraine: Noni juice works to relieve pain caused by migraine.
  • Prevent cardiovascular disease: Noni juice helps strengthen good cholesterol and reduce bad cholesterol, clear blood vessels, durable blood vessels, lower blood pressure…

How to use noni fruit effectively

There are many effective ways to use Noni fruit. Below, Viet Nam recommends 2 best andeasiest  guide.

  1. Use fresh Noni fruit soaked in sugar 

Make a jar of Noni soaked sugar is very simple, you can completely do right at home.

Step 1: Pre-processing

  • Remember to pick the green one. Rinse well with water, then let the fruit dry.
  • Cut the Noni fruit into pieces about 2 – 3 cm thick.

Step 2: Prepare the jar

  • The choice is not too demanding, you can use plastic or glass jar
  • Rinse the jar then and drain it

Step 3: Put the fruit in a jar with the sugar

Do as follows: Place a layer of fruit and then sprinkle sugar on top. Then add another layer of fruit. Continue until it is full.

Step 4: How to preserve

Keep the lid tightly closed then keep the jar in a dry place, away from direct sunlight. After 4 – 5 weeks you can use.

How to use

To improve health with Noni fruit soaked in sugar, you should drink 1-2 tablespoons daily before each meal. Noni fruit is good for diabetes but if you are diabetic, do not use Noni fruit this way.

How to make Noni wine

It is not only capable of stimulating taste but also the most effective way to use Noni fruit.

noni wine

Step 1: Choose Noni fruit and process

You can use dry or fresh fruit to make Noni wine. But to make noni wine easier, you should use dry Noni fruit. If you choose dried fruit: Rinse and drain them. If you choose fresh fruit: Choose baby and young fruit, then wash it. Cut the fruit into 2 pieces and bring out the sun for 2 -3 days. Finally, dry the fruit with fire

Step 2: Add the fruit to the jar:

  • Put fruit into a jar (plastic or glass jar)
  • Pour the wine into the jar until it has just filled the fruit

Step 3: Cover the lid tightly and leave it in a dry place.

For fresh fruit: You should soak 5 to 6 weeks before use

For dry fruit: Soak 3-4 weeks before use

How to use: Use 1 to 2 cups of Noni wine per meal, it will help you have a good taste and protect your health.

Where to buy Noni fruit?

Due to the special characteristics of fresh Noni, it is difficult to preserve, so there are not many suppliers of fresh Noni in Hanoi and Northern Vietnam.


Starfoods Joint Stock Company - the largest Northern supplier

STARFOODS VIET NAM CORPORATION is proud to be one of the few qualified fresh noni suppliers in Hanoi and Northern provinces with distribution system throughout the country.

What makes you believe in Viet Nam products?

About the company: Starfoods Vietnam JSC specializes in trading Noni dried fruits for the domestic market, exporting at very good and competing prices in the international market. Our company is carrying out the project of planting more than 1000 ha of noni forest to meet the requirement of producing juice, Noni powder, Noni tea, functional food … Of domestic as well as foreign companies.

Products of Starfoods Vietnam Import-Export Trading Joint Stock Company

Representative Office: 113/192 Le Trong Tan – Thanh Xuan – Ha Noi

Phone: 046 259 8836 – Email:

Hotline: 0986 87 0369 – 0936 18 6369

Starfoods Vietnam Trading Import Export Joint Stock Company

The Largest Northern Supplier of:

  • Dried Noni fruit
  • The dried Noni root
  • The Noni juice:The Pure Noni juice, The Honey Noni juice products, The berry Noni juice, The pineapple Noni juice
  • The pure Noni pill
  • The pure Noni powder

With prestigious brand name, high quality products are qualified to export to countries with the strictest standards in the world.

Nationwide home delivery and payment via VNPost.


  • Persistent pain
  • Pain in the early morning or at midnight, when the weather changes abruptly
  • Hands numbness, always feeling tired, sluggish
  • Sedentary, or in older people
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Stiff joints every morning
  • Pain in the big toe, difficult hand movements
  • Red skin around the joints
  • Stomach pain, digestive system problems
  • Frequently belching
  • Unappetizing
  • Frequent abdominal pain, irritability when eating food
  • Asthma
  • Shortness of breath when exercising
  • Clears throat and wheezes
  • Suffering from allergies and cold weather
  • Chronic dysmenorrhea and female physiology problems
  • Menstrual cycle disorder
  • Feeling irritated
  • There are signs of depression, anxiety and bad memory

Are you suffering from the above symptoms?

It can be seen that these are the most common symptoms nowadays, especially in older people, sedentary people and premenopausal women. In particular, the inflammation, swelling in the joints are relatively serious, if there is no timely remedy, it can lead to loss of activity of the joints. Even lead to disability.

A safe solution for those who are affected

Limitations when you treat with Western medicine, besides the high cost can be up to tens of million, you also have to use a lot of drugs that when absorbed into the body causing heat in people. Currently, the use of oriental medicine in therapeutic support is becoming a trend. The advantage of this method is its high efficacy, with no side effects like Western medications. In particular, they are very safe for long term use. Because of these reasons, many people like to use this method.

However, the use of this method focuses directly on the cause of the disease, gradually eliminating the cause of the disease, so it often takes a long time to see the effect. Unlike western medicine only looks at the appearance of the disease. It takes time and requires perseverance, however, the results are well deserved.

You do not completely agree that we should treat the symptoms of pain, aches, inflammation, swelling, headache, abdominal pain, … with Oriental medicine? The information below about the benefits of Noni fruit is recommended by experts and doctors, scientifically proven to make you fully believe in its effectiveness.




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