Noni root helps laxative, mild diuretic and lower lasting blood pressure

What is Noni root? The use of Noni roots in supporting the treatment of common diseases such as hypertension, rheumatism, back pain and bone pain.

The medicinal properties of dried Noni roots

Noni root and stem contain nordamnacanthal, morindone substances. These substances work to prevent and develop viruses that cause common body diseases such as fever.

The moridine-containing root is anthraquinic, orange-yellow, soluble in boiling water and alkalis, which promotes the use of the roots when absorbed into the body.

In addition, Noni roots contain vitamins, minerals and amino acids that are indispensable to the body. Science has also shown that the melatonin-producing roots are effective in maintaining emotional, psychological, mental stability.

Noni roots have many health benefits

Noni roots have many health benefits

Benefits from Noni have been studied and researched for many years. This is ranked the second most popular herb to be used in supporting the treatment of the diseases.

What benefits does the root have?

Traditional folk remedies, often using sliced and dried Noni roots, stew into medicaments or taken to soak up alcohol, to support the treatment of arthritis, back pain and aches.

Professor Caujolle, director of the French National Research Center, has conducted research and found that Noni Root Essence (Extrait des racines de Morinda Citrifolia) has effects in:

  • Mild Diuretic, laxative.
  • Smooth nerve, relieve stress.
  • Lower blood pressure, long term effect.
  • Very little toxic and not addictive.
Root of Noni is dark yellow. Noni roots also have many uses.

Root of Noni is dark yellow. Noni roots also have many uses.

Throughout the using process, it can be seen that Noni roots have two remarkable effects: sedative and blood clots.

  • For people who are often stressed, frustrated, irritated, have trouble sleeping, using the roots regularly can feel the nerves are soothing, relaxing, easy to sleep.
  • In contrast, some people who are always frustrating, use Noni roots to drink, the mood will be more optimistic and pleasant. The self-regulating effect of Noni roots is particularly effective. Balancing the emotions between excitement and suppression, between the sympathetic and sympathetic nerves are the special uses of the roots.
  • With the effect of regulating the nerves, Noni roots are also effective in regulating blood pressure. Blood pressure lowering action for people with high or raised blood pressure in people with low blood pressure.
  • In addition, the effect of blood circulation regulation is also one of the benefits worth mentioning here. Improves blood circulation, affecting blood volume in the body. Therefore, the roots are also very effective in supporting the treatment of high blood pressure.

Who needs using Noni roots?

  • People with back pain, body aches, bone related diseases.
  • People who regularly exercise strongly.
  • People with high blood pressure for any reason (due to kidney or any other reason), frequently change their blood pressure abruptly.
  • People with poor memory, or fatigue, working in a stressful environment, have long sleeplessness.
  • Overworked, hard working.
  • People are fighting cancer: Uterine cancer, breast cancer.
  • People with diabetes, gout, fatty color, fatty liver.
  • Women suffer from physiological ailments, which lead to frustration

Viet Nam Noni user Manual

How to recognize quality Noni roots: big, long, deep in the ground roots, depth of 10-30m, colored brown.

Generally, Noni roots are used to stew medicine or to soak alcohol in combination with some other medications to increase their effect. Depending on the type of disease and each person, we have different dosing and dosing:

  • For people with high blood pressure: take 40g of Noni roots to stew with 1.5 liters of water, after about 500ml of water remains, take them. Drugs should be taken during the day, after 2 weeks you will see marked results, stable blood pressure. Or you can also follow the following prescription: Stage 1: Use continuously for 15 days, daily with 30-40 g of Noni roots stewed a long with 250 – 300 ml of boiled water. Use instead of tea every day. After 15 days, move to stage 2. Stage 2: Reduce the dose again, reduce to 20-25 g of Noni roots to stew per day. After a few months, the blood pressure is stabilized and the health is markedly improved.
  • Support the treatment for long-term diabetes: use 100g of dry roots to stew with about 1.5 liters of boiling water, when it remains 1 liter of water, divide into 3 times a day.
  • For osteoarthritis: Most effective when used with Noni alcohol.

Specification of  Viet Nam Noni root

Viet Nam confidently produces high quality Noni root products. Understand the characteristics of Noni, know the best time to harvest: picking leaves in the spring, picking fruits in the summer and harvesting roots in the winter.

  • 100% of the roots are taken directly from the garden.
  • Be dried and packaged. The stages are strictly managed and quality assurance for each products

Specification of Viet Nam Noni roots

  • Products weight: 1kg
  • Price: 200,000 vnd
  • Distributed throughout the country.

Preserve Noni roots properly

As the products are dried and packaged carefully so the problem of storage is not difficult for users. You only need to pay attention to the following points:

  • Keep the products in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.
  • After using, remember to package the products carefully.
  • Avoid strong impacts when moving products.
  • Do not leave the products near toxic substances.

Where to buy Noni roots?

Viet Nam Noni roots products are produced in a closed process, certified by experts and authorities to meet international standards. In particular, customers in many countries around the world especially Korea is very fond of quality as well as products design. Domestic and international customers also expressed their interest, satisfaction and peace of mind about products quality. Dried products like this are very suitable to take away, become a meaningful health gift to relatives.

Providing Viet Nam products to customers, we commit to give customers the most satisfaction of quality products as well as provide the best service. With years of researching, manufacturing and delivering products to the consumers, we are confident to meet the customer expectations.

What makes you believe in using Viet Nam Noni root products?

About the company: Starfoods Vietnam Joint Stock Company, specializing in trading dried Noni for domestic market, exporting at very good and competitive price in international market.Our company is carrying out a project to grow more than 1000 ha of Noni forest to meet the requirement of producing juice, Noni powder, Noni tea, functional food … Of domestic as well as foreign companies.

Starfoods Joint Stock Company - the largest Northern supplier

Starfoods Joint Stock Company – the largest Northern supplier

Products of Starfoods Vietnam Import-Export Trading Joint Stock Company

Representative Office: 113/192 Le Trong Tan – Thanh Xuan – Ha Noi

Phone: 046 259 8836 – Email:

Hotline: 0986 87 0369 – 0936 18 6369

Starfoods Vietnam Trading Import Export Joint Stock Company

The largest Northern Noni supplier

With prestigious brand name, high quality products are qualified to export to countries with the strictest standards in the world.

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