Noni Powder Hypoglycemia, laxative, prevent cell oxidation

Noni Powder is dark brown, which is crushed from the dried ripe Noni by specialized equipment with modern technology to ensure it is smooth, clean and high quality.

What is Noni powder?

According to the experience of Oriental medicine, the Noni gives us many precious healthy nutrients. Extremely effective in supporting the treatment of diseases associated with symptoms throughout the year such as back pain, arthritis, body aches, nervous tension, etc. In addition, the Noni also has the ability to strengthen the immune system and support the treatment of diabetes, gout.

To be easier in use, fresh Noni fruit has been researched by experts and they have been successful in in extracting the essence from Noni fruit into powder.

Noni powder

Noni Powder Viet Nam

In fact, Noni powder retains the essential nutrients found in the fruit. Nutrients are not lost during processing.

What are benefits of Noni powder?

Noni powder has long been used in a wide variety of patients, especially for the elderly, people suffering from stomach pain, high blood pressure. Moreover, Noni powder is also used to treat heart disease, detoxify the liver …

In particular, it also helps women eat well, sleep deeply, especially those who are premenopausal and menopause, avoid appetite to improve the weight problem.

There are countless benefits of the Noni that are mentioned below.

  1. Supporting Nervous system: Noni powder helps people to be sedative, easy to sleep and have more beautiful skin. For this great benefit, Noni powder is very popular with women. Using Noni powder will prevent you from eating, help you lose weight effectively.
  2. Supporting Digestive system: Regular use of Noni powder helps to heat-relieving, detoxify the liver, regulate the contractions and secretions of fluid in the stomach.
  3. Suppressing cancer cells: According to studies by Dr. Heinkch, from Annie Hizazumi (University of Hawaii USA), and studies from France and Japan, ingredients in the Noni powder help inhibit cancer cells of Ras (a type of cancer cell) and have the effect of limiting and minimizing tumors.
  4. Fighting against diabetes: Antioxidant and increase glucose tolerance, while also providing DAA acid to help reduce blood glucose. Through these mechanisms, it helps prevent diabetes.
  5. Pain relief: Regular use can help support the treatment of body such as back pain, neck pain, muscle pain, nervousness and pain due to stress, migraines.
  6. Supporting female physiology: Iridoids found in Noni powder have been shown to heal wounds, stimulate collagen production, increase secretion in the gallbladder, anti-allergy, prevent the depression and mental disorders in postmenopausal women. Besides, it also helps regulate menstrual disorders.
  7. Adding nutrients to the body: Scientists have also found 150 nutrients and 140 vitamins and minerals in Noni powder including: iron, calcium, zinc, copper, vitamin A, vitamin C , Vitamin E, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, folic acid, magnesium, phosphorus, …
    Noni powder has many health benefits

    Noni powder including: iron, calcium, zinc, copper, vitamin A, vitamin C , Vitamin E, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, folic acid, magnesium, phosphorus, …

  8. Increasing immunity: In Noni powder, polysaccharides have been found to improve immunity. In addition, this drug also provides 40 times more prosertonin than pineapple. These substances, when combined with a Intracellular enzyme, help the cell regenerate itself.
    Stimulate the production of T-cells which play a key role in fighting against diseases. Help the phagocytic belt and lymphocytes to work. Along with that, it can attack many other types of bacteria in body.
  9. Maintaining functional activities: Noni powder, after being absorbed in the intestinal tract, will be converted to Xeronine, which helps maintain the normal functioning of the cells in the body. At the same time they also prevent the development of disease, protect health.
  10. Dysentery, diarrhea and fever: pharmacological effects in Noni such as laxative and diuretic.
  11. Bone diseases: Scopoletin is the major component of coumarin found in Noni, which is considered a medicinal ingredient used in traditional Chinese medicine to aid in the treatment of arthritis.
  12. Preventing inflammatory diseases: Anthraquinone compound is antibacterial, inhibiting some pathogenic fungi, influenza virus. In addition, it is effective in reducing muscular and joint diseases such as arthritis and wrist pain. At the same time, it helps relieve pain and reduce swelling with symptoms such as bruising, tingling, and burns. It’s effective in preventing the development of sores, rashes.
  13. Toxins removal: Increases absorption, digestion and utilization of vitamins, herbs and minerals. High antioxidant capacity helps prevent the damage of free radicals.

How to identify the best quality Noni powder?

To identify the quality of Noni powder you need to pay attention to the following details:

  • The powder is dark brown, processed and crushed through machines with the best technology to ensure the hygiene and integrity of Noni nutrients.
  • It is easy to know whether Noni powder is in good quality or not by following these: it has a characteristic odor of Noni, dry, smooth, lumps free and does not include strange impurities. If you have all the above factors, you can be assured of the product.
Pure Noni powder is brown and smooth

Pure Noni powder is brown and smooth

The best way to use Noni powder

Depending on the individuality and health status of everybody, we have different ways to use the Noni powder. Use for the right people, at the right time, in the right way to have the best effect.

  • Commonly recommended before meals, with the following dosage: 30 – 50ml of hot water with 1 teaspoon of Noni powder.
  • For those with weak stomach, it is recommended to use after meals 1-2 hours.
  • For patients with kidney disease with low potassium diet should consult a doctor before use.

Preserve Noni powder properly

Avoid lossing of quantity as well as loss of nutrients during use, you should note the following points:

  • Keep the product in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.
  • After use, remember to close the lid carefully. For Viet Nam Noni powder, the product will be stored in a glass jar, surrounded by film, which is easy to use as well as stored.
  • Keep the product in the refrigerator.
  • Avoid jolting when moving products.

    Noni powder and Noni pill

    Noni powder and Noni pill

Ingredients in Viet Nam Noni powder

  • 100% starch, made from dried ripe Noni fruits.
  • There are 110 different micronutrients – according to research not only in Vietnam but also in the International.

Reasons for you to believe in using our Viet Nam Noni powder

Viet Nam Noni powder products are very popular with international customers, especially Korea, for the quality and design. International customers have expressed satisfaction and peace of mind about product quality. It is considered as an indispensable gift when coming to Vietnam for work.

Choosing the products of Viet Nam, we commit to give customers the most satisfaction in the quality of products and services. With years of research, production and delivery of products to the consumers, we are confident to meet the expectations of our customers.

About the company:

Starfoods Vietnam Joint Stock Company, specializing in trading dried Noni for domestic market, exporting at very good and competitive price in international market. Our company is carrying out a project to grow more than 1000 ha of Noni forest to meet the requirement of producing juice, Noni powder, Noni tea, functional food … Of domestic as well as foreign companies.

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