Noni juice increases absorption of vitamins, makes skin beautiful

Because the juice still remains the essences of this fruit, it has the same effect as fresh fruit. Noni juice is rich in vitamins and minerals which are very good for the body.

Pure noni juice

Noni is considered a precious remedy that can cure many diseases such as high blood pressure, back pain, arthritis, healing wounds, stomach disease … Among the 12 most used herbs for healing, Noni ranked the second.

Today, Noni is being studied by scientists and found to be able to support the treatment of more and more diseases. In particular, recent reports have shown that the compounds in the fruit are capable of inhibiting cancer cells.

Tam Thanh juice is used for export

Viet Nam juice is used for export

Because of this, products from Noni are increasingly being researched and developed in both quality and form. The products are converted into many forms such as Noni juice, Noni pill, Noni alcohol. Noni juice is a remedy that provides a multitude of vitamins and antioxidants, it is easy to use and carry with you to ensure the required amount.

Does Noni juice keep the essence of Noni fruit?

Many people think that noni fruit products are often processed, added many other additives that make the quality is not like fresh fruit. But that is not the case. For Viet Nam, the products are produced with modern production technology and machines that can extract important nutrients from the fruit. These essences are extracted and packaged in the Viet Nam Noni juice.

Therefore, you can rest assured about the quality of Viet Nam Noni juice. The essential essence in the fruit still remains the same in the juice. The only difference is the change from the solid to water form, which makes it easier to use.

The juice has many benefits

The juice has many benefits

What precious essences does Noni juice have?

Because the juice still remains the essences of this fruit, it has the same effect as fresh fruit. Noni juice is rich in vitamins and minerals which are very good for the body.

  • Contains a lot of vitamin C: Vitamin C content in Noni is very high. This is a rich source of vitamin content which help fight against oxidation that takes place in the body. From ancient, Noni juice has been able to support the immune system, stimulated the digestive system, similar to laxatives, helps antibacterial, analgesic. The juice contains a lot of antioxidants. Studies show that the juice contains more antioxidant effect than grape juice.
  • Contains a lot of Proxeronine: This substance is considered as a catalyst when combined with gastric enzymes to form Xeronine compound. This compound provides energy and  helps activate more than 220 different enzymes in the body. This compound also has the ability to combine with protein to generate energy, nourish the cells. At the same time it also regulates the body to help the enzymes work properly. Studies have shown that Xeronine compound can not be found in the human body. Its shortage causes many serious diseases.
  • Supply Scopoletin nutrient: This compound is able to expand blood vessels, lower blood pressure, anti-inflammation, reduce pain. This substance helps support the treatment of insomnia, migraines. In addition, it inhibits the asthma, stomach pain, body weakness. It stimulates the production of cells that play a key role in fighting diseases.
  • Anthraquinone Damnacanthal Compound: What makes the researchers work on Noni is because of this compound. This substance is capable of stimulating lymphocytes and other parts of the immune system. At the same time, it inhibits the growth of cancer cells by allowing normal cells to return to normal. This is also an important ingredient in painkillers, antiseptics and the prevention of viral diseases.
  • Terpene compound: This substance is always present in herbs. Helps to fight oxidation and promote human metabolism.
  • Along with that, the juice also contains many kinds of minerals, 20 amino acids and other essential vitamins that are good for health.

What disease treatments does Noni juice support?

Noni tree is not only grown in Vietnam but also in developed countries such as the United States, South Korea, China and African countries. Because it contains many rare essences which can support many diseases, it is considered as “the enemy” of many dangerous diseases, such as:

  • Gastric diseases: gastric ulcer, constipation, digestive disorders, indigestion, diarrhea in children under 7, fluke.
  • Neurological diseases: poor blood circulation, chronic fatigue syndrome, headache
  • Painful conditions: arthritis, gingivitis, sore throat
  • Respiratory diseases: chest pain, asthma.
  • Helps heal wounds on the skin.
  • Blood diseases: atherosclerosis, congestion…
  • Works for bladder infections, boils, burns…
  • Chronic diseases like diabetes, kidney disease,
  • Effective in supporting the treatment of hypertension, fever, colds, eye inflammation.
  • Besides, it also helps regulate menstruation, menstrual pain.
  • Especially the ability to prevent and support cancer treatments.

Because of these great benefits, Noni juice is highly recommended by the experts for improving the health of the patients.

Ingredients in Viet Nam Noni juice

Viet Nam confidently bring out the Noni juice products with absolute quality.

  • 100% is processed from the old ripen fruit.
  • At the same time there are 110 different micronutrients (according to research not only in Vietnam but also in the world)

How to make Viet Nam Noni juice

In order to bring the best products to customers, Viet Nam Company always complies with the standards and combines with the machine dealers, ensuring to keep the precious essences when making Noni juice.

Materials – Processing – Grinding – Cooking – Enzyme treatment – Pressing – Filtering – Processing – Sterilization – Bottling – Storage.

Preserve the juice in the right way

Avoid the unreasonable situations that loss the nutrients while using, you should follow the following points:

  • Keep the product in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.
  • After using, make sure to close the lid carefully. Store in a refrigerator.
  • Avoid strong impact when moving products.

The best way to use pure Noni juice

Noni juice is easy to use. Use noni juice when you are hungry. Take small sips and keep them in your tongue and throat. This is especially good for people who are depressed, stressed or injured. Or you can use the juice to nourish the scalp to improve bad hair and scalp. You can rub the fresh fruit directly on the skin to fight skin-related illnesses, skin injuries or bruises, or painful bone areas. You can also do the following: slap some fresh Noni and soak in Noni juice, add some warm water, forming a mixture to put onto the skin to relieve pain.

Where to buy Noni juice?

Viet Nam Noni juice products are popular in many countries in the world, especially Korea, for quality and design. International customers have also expressed their satisfaction about the quality of their products, which is an indispensable gift for relatives when coming back from Vietnam. Using the Viet Nam products, customers will be given the most satisfaction in terms of product quality as well as provide the best service. With many years of researching, producing and delivering products to the consumers, we are confident to meet the expectations of our customers.

Starfoods Joint Stock Company - the largest Northern supplier

About the company: Starfoods Vietnam Joint Stock Company, specializing in trading dried Noni for domestic market, exporting at very good and competitive price in international market.Our company is carrying out a project to grow more than 1000 ha of Noni forest to meet the requirement of producing juice, Noni powder, Noni tea, functional food … Of domestic as well as foreign companies.

Products of Starfoods Vietnam Import-Export Trading Joint Stock Company

Representative Office: 113/192 Le Trong Tan – Thanh Xuan – Ha Noi

Phone: 046 259 8836 – Email:

Hotline: 0986 87 0369 – 0936 18 6369

Starfoods Vietnam Trading Import Export Joint Stock Company

The Largest Northern Supplier of:

  • Dried Noni fruit
  • The dried Noni root
  • The Noni juice:The Pure Noni juice, The Honey Noni juice products, The berry Noni juice, The pineapple Noni juice
  • The pure Noni pill
  • The pure Noni powder

With prestigious brand name, high quality products are qualified to export to countries with the strictest standards in the world. Nationwide home delivery and payment via VNPost.


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