High quality dried Noni fruit used for export

Dried Noni is one of the precious folk medicine originated from South and Central. Dried Noni is made from fresh Noni fruit, dried and well preserved.

Dried Noni Fruit – high quality, used for export

Common diseases such as high blood pressure, haemorrhage, laxative, are treated with dried or fresh fruit. In addition, noni roots when chopped, dried and then cooked to make daily drinking water, from 30-40g, use it instead of tea, after a few months, it will help reduce significantly high blood pressure.

With dried Noni fruit soaked in alcohol for at least a month can be used as a wine to drink back pain, aches.

Some uses of dried Noni

Improve immune system:

T-cells are one of the most important cells in the immune system, which removes foreign cells that damage the body, even cancer cells. That is one of the most important effects of Noni fruit in improving the resistance, protection of human health.

Noni used for export - big ripen fruits Anti inflammation: Inflammation and typhus are two diseases caused by an infected

Noni used for export – big ripen fruits

Asthma: Noni juice helps to reduce asthma, avoid allergies (like dust, smoke, pollen …)

Pain relief: Busy life leads to many illnesses due to office sitting, such as neck pain, migraines. Noni fruit and its products have analgesic effect, prevent recurrence and as a natural product so it has no side effects at all.

Losing weight: Noni juice will keep you from cravings, help you lose weight effectively.

Improve your digestive system: Just take at least 2 tablespoons of juice every day, you will not need laxatives because the sour taste of the juice stimulates intestinal contractions.

Warts: Pound young Noni fruit and cover the warts, then cover up. Every day, once a day, on the 7th, the warts are bulging and you can get rid of the warts.

Migraine: Noni juice is helpful in the treatment of migraine.

Prevent cardiovascular disease: Fruit juice boosts good cholesterol and lowers bad cholesterol, smoothes blood vessels, ducts blood vessels, reduces blood pressure…

According to popular experience, people also use Noni fruit. In addition, small noni fruit can be substituted for root, we can cut into small pieces, dried and cooked drinks. It has the same value as root effects: pain relief, asthma.

Who should use dried fruit

  • Healthy and young people should take 30ml daily.
  • Older people use 60ml each day in the morning and late afternoon.
  • If you start with Noni Juice, the first month should be about 160ml / day.
  • People who suffer from sudden injury or surgery should drink 180-240ml per day, then take a regular dose of 90-120ml / day.
  • People with serious diseases such as cancer, diabetes should drink regularly from 18-240ml / day.

Parts of the Noni plant used for medicine are roots, fruits, leaves and bark. Of which, Noni roots are most commonly used. People dig some roots of Noni trees, washed, sliced, dry them to make medicines. Other parts are usually used when it is fresh.

How to use: Blend ripe Noni fruit (including seeds), squeeze to make juice and drink 3 times a day.

Note: Drink the juice as soon as your stomach is hungry.

Dried Noni Juice is made from fresh ripen Noni

Dried Noni Juice is made from fresh ripen Noni

From fresh, ripen noni fruit, we make dry noni with many convenient uses and export to foreign markets.

The most effective way to use Noni Fruit

Option 1: Clean dried Noni fruit, soaked with enough alcohol to inundate it. After 1 month you can use. Drink 2-3 times a day, drink 1 small cup before or after meals.

Option 2: Clean the dried Noni fruit then pound it. Drink instead of tea everyday.

High quality goods, qualified for export to the Korean market. The fruit is ripe, red intestine, big and dried without impurities.

SPECIALTY: We provide raw materials for companies, individuals and organizations to produce functional foods from Noni Juice and other herbs.

Where to buy dried Noni?

Noni fruit and its uses are widely known in the market. With our long experience in manufacturing, trading and importing agricultural produce, Starfoods Exim, Jsc is proud to be the leading Noni fruit supplier in the North market today with Viet Nam Noni fruit brand. Viet Nam has been registered with the National Office of Intellectual Property.

With the passion and potential of the raw material area, we are launching the best Noni fruit products at competitive prices to meet the needs of both domestic and foreign consumers. Our products are available in even the fastidious markets such as Korea, Taiwan.

Some pictures of our raw material garden in the South West

Some pictures of our raw material garden in the South West

We are committed to provide the best quality and service to our customers.

Starfoods Exim, Jsc specializes in supplying Dried Noni Fruit for domestic market, our Noni fruit is exported with competitive price. Our company is carrying out a project to grow more than 1000 hectares of forest to meet the requirement of producing juice, Noni powder, Noni tea, functional food … Of domestic as well as foreign companies.


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