10 benefits of Noni pills for health

What effect does dried Noni pills have? How to use? Where to buy dried Noni pills? Noni pills is made from 100% pure Noni powder.

What is Noni Pills?

You often see the words Noni Pills when looking for Noni products or see them on the vials of medicine with the main ingredients are from Noni fruit.

Noni tree is a species not only grown in Vietnam but also in many countries in the world, especially in Africa. Since ancient times, indigenous people have discovered the ability to disinfect wounds and eliminate abdominal pain with this fruit.

Noni Pills

Viet Nam Noni Pills

Now, scientists have discovered the myriad of benefits that Noni fruit provides. It has recently been announced that the fruit contains many components that inhibit cancer cells, effectively preventing cancer.

Pure Noni pills from fresh Noni fruit

Applying modern techniques, advanced machines along with quality trained staff, products made from Viet Nam Noni fruit always ensure that the nutrients remain in the fruit.

Ensuring the retention of these nutrients is due to the selection of good Noni, which are transported directly to the factory. They are then processed through closely monitored machinery.

The full-standard Noni tablets are created.


Viet Nam Noni Pills

Because the shape changes from powder to pellet, the properties of fresh fruit are found in this Noni pills. Tablets are easy to use, convenient to take along with you when going out or going to work.

Ingredients in Noni capsules

Ensuring nutrients contained in Noni fruit in each product is the promise of Viet Nam to customers. The precious nutrients of the fruit have miraculous effects in supporting the treatment of diseases from fever to dangerous diseases such as cancer. Let’s find out what nutrients are in Noni pills!

  • Anthraquinone derivatives (damnacathal, nordamnacathal…): this is one of the main active ingredients in the fruit. Ph.D. Huy Quyet Pham has successfully studied the effect of stimulating the immune system, extracted from the Noni has lower blood pressure, analgesic, sedative effect.
  • Prexonine compound: This compound is 40 times higher in Noni than in pineapple. When combined with the enzyme prexonase (in the stomach) will form Xeronine. When protein is combined with Xeronine, it is able to produce energy and help healthy cells grow well.
  • Iridoids: This substance is found in plants. It has a defense mechanism against pathogens. Iridoids have a very broad biological effect, with a stable chemical structure, unchanged when exposed to oxygen, temperature and light. It also has the function of wound healing, stimulates collagen production, increases gallbladder excretion, anti-allergy, anti-depressant, anti-mental disorder in postmenopausal women. Antibacterial and inhibitory respiratory viruses are also one of the major features of this substance.
  • Studies by doctors in Japan, France and the United States have determined that Noni has the ability to inhibit Ras’s cancer cells and help cells that are abnormally active to return to normalcy.
  • Acubin and Geniposide: These two substances work to inhibit the formation of tumors, fight against cell mutations. Catapol has the effect of inhibiting DNA-polymerase enzyme, inhibiting the growth of unfavorable cells.
  • Oleacin: ACE inhibitor (the enzyme helps convert Angiotensinogen into Angiotensin) so it helps lowering blood pressure. In addition, it has the effect of inhibiting LDL, reducing blood vessel permeability, reducing cholesterol and triglycerides, increasing homocysteine resolution, increasing HDL.
  • Oleuropein: antioxidant, increased glucose absorption, reduced blood sugar. Through these mechanisms, it leads to the prevention of diabetes.



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